Most students don’t drive under the influence, but some have

Jose Romero, Reporter

Don’t drive under the influence:  in a random survey of 50 Morton East students, 33 said they haven’t driven under the influence — but 17 said they have.  (That’s 34 percent of those polled).

According to Do Something, teens who are involved with alcohol at a young age are more likely to be in alcohol-related crashes. Between 50-70% of teens who are driving under the influence will probably get their licenses revoked due to driving under the influence without a driver’s license.  Teens who consume alcohol or other drugs make them unfit to drive and result in a DUI.  Only 5% of high school students reported driving under the influence at least 2 times a month.  Unfortunately, those statistics are still significant.

Some teens don’t understand the impact of even a little alcohol. Alcohol gives teens impaired judgment, lack of impulse control, and blacking out.

“I think teens decide to drive while being under the influence because they might think they’re capable of driving and in their heads.  They think nothing will happen to them or to the people around them– that everyone will get home safe.  But, that’s not the reason for putting yourself or others in danger,” senior Michelle Velazquez said.

“I think it’s common sense not to drive while you’re under the influence, but sometimes people are stubborn and only care about proving to themselves that they don’t need help from anybody.  I have been in that situation with (someone) and I was in the back seat. It’s a scary feeling,” Morton East senior Michelle Velazquez said.

Many students believe teens don’t understand what can cause driving under the influence.

“(I think teens drive under the influence) because teens don’t tend to think about the consequences.  I have not been in that situation,” Morton East senior Giovanni Coronel said.

“I think they drive under the influence because they think nothing bad will happen to them, and they’re okay enough to drive,” Morton East senior Veronica Martinez said.

“Most of the time I think it is because most teens need to be home at a certain time.  They think they’re fine because they don’t want to seem weak,” Morton East Sergio Contreras said.

It’s not worth the risk.  Don’t drive under the influence — or get in a car with someone who is under the influence.