Turtles voted most popular exotic pet


3 Glofish Tetras swimming in fish tank

Rodrigo Reynaga, Reporter

Turtles were the most popular out of all the pets considered exotic.

According to findlaw.com, skunks and minks are legal exotic pets in Illinois. Illinois is known for having strict laws in regards to exotic pets. However, there are a few animals that are allowed to be kept as pets, apart from the traditional dog or cat. Exotic pets have unique traits that set them apart from traditional pets. For example, according to Avianexoticsvet.com, guinea pigs do not make their own vitamin C like other animals. In addition, rabbits have to breathe through their noses. For the sake of this article, turtles, fish, guinea pigs, and birds will also count as exotic pets due to their rarity nowadays. In a random survey of 50 Morton East students, staff members, and Cicero residents, four have said they currently have a turtle as a pet.

“It was a gift for my birthday,” said Senior Sandra Santoyo.

Some have fish as pets.

“I love fishes and it was a birthday gift,” said Cicero Resident Cassandra Alvarez.

Some people take care of multiple pets.

“The dog was for company and the turtle was a gift,” said Senior Ariana Sandoval.

Some pets were rescued from danger before adoption.

“He (the turtle) was dying in the middle of the woods and my parents friends saved him, but since they had a dog, they gave it to us,” said Senior Edwyn Arrezola.

Taking care of a pet has not only been a responsibility but also a great experience.

“It (The dog) was gifted to my brother & I was gifted a guinea pig from a friend and it was such a good experience to take a care of a pet personally gifted to me,” said Senior Martha Martinez.

Some people have gotten pets as gift from extended family.

“My cousin has one (Bunny) and I find it adorable,” said Senior Nahideli Tapia.