Students agree with social distancing, but do they do it?

Are students social distancing?

Freddy Hernandez

Morton East high school closed down the school because of COVID-19 and they are continuing online classes until it’s gone for we can keep social distancing.

According to the Atlantic post, we’ve started school remotely but there are times where the internet connection doesn’t work for a student, or they are falling asleep during class. If they open the schools they are planning outdoor “mask breaks” this will allow the students to get some fresh air while still keeping their distance to other students. the existing scientific evidence indicates that kids under 10 are less likely to contract COVID-19 than teenagers and adult. In a random survey of 60 students,  50 believe that students should remain social distancing.

“I feel like most students are keeping their distance when it comes to covid-19. It should be required for these students to keep their distance no matter what for they won’t catch covid and pass it to their families,” Student Jose Gamboa said.

But, some students have jobs, and they aren’t keeping their distance during work.

“The students that have jobs should be even more carful because of how much people they interact with. If they interact with a lot of people during one day, it may be possible that one of those people have covid and can pass it to them. They need to always wash their hands to be safe,” Student Jiovanni Cruz said.

It’s up to teachers to remind them.

“I have a sign outside my room reminding anyone who enters to maintain a six foot distance from people around them.  When students came in for orientation, I had to keep telling them to stand back and wait, not to crowd, and to wash their hands.  I think it’s going to a hard thing to maintain when kids are back full time,” journalism teacher Kent Frankfother said.