Which is a better work environment Restaurants or Retail?

Which is a better work environment Restaurants or Retail?

Daniel Venegas, Gabriel Sanchez, and Jose Munoz

The majority of working students here at Morton are employed at restaurants or retail stores.

Currently, money is everything and it’s no wonder students are seeking financial independence at a young age, but they’re not receiving CEO positions.   It’s bottom of the barrel work and that includes restaurants or in retail. Usually, people don’t really want to work at restaurants because of how chaos is associated with them or often students are disgusted with the work environment in the restaurant. Others may also not want to work a job in retail because of how messy it can get. Retail jobs not only get messy, but you must deal with coworkers and managers always disturbing and frustrating you. We wanted to see if students were satisfied with the current employment and how it affects them in school in a random survey of 100 Morton East high school students,  58 of them reported that they had a job in either retail or restaurant. 

This question was asked to a fellow Morton East student: “If you can work anywhere, where would it be?”

“Be the CEO of Microsoft,” Senior Carlos Lopez said. 

Although some may want to be the CEO of Microsoft, they don’t reach this level of success at this age. Students often hate their jobs and only are there financially.  

After asking the question “What do you like about your job?” fellow Morton East senior student Jimmy Aguirre’s response was short and sweet.

“The pay,” Jimmy Aguirre said.  

Now, obviously everyone has a job for the pay, but we wanted to know exactly what students were earning. 

“I earn $11.00 an hour and it is not enough for the work I do,” said fellow Morton East junior Josh Nieves. 

Many students believe $11 an hour is not enough for the job they are doing, however, there are many other students who do harder work then they are doing and get paid less than $11.