Vaping: a new teenage epidemic


Courtesy of 6okean

Zuzel Garcia, Nestor Aguilar, Viviana Colon, and Silvia Guadarrama

Surprisingly, 25 out of 120 Morton East students surveyed said that vaping is not bad for your health.  

According to, vaping is bad for your health. It can affect brain development and functioning in young people, as it can disrupt brain development, interfere with long term cognitive functioning, and increase the risk of various mental and physical health problems later in life. According to, vaping appeals to the millennial and generation Z groups, but it is most commonly used by high school students. In a random survey of 120 Morton East students, 95 students reported that vaping is bad your health.  

Vaping among Morton East students is a very frequent occurrence.

“Even if a student has an empty cartridge and gets caught, it is taken away as it counts as drug paraphernalia,” new dean Mr. Depa said. 

 If you are caught vaping in school, be extremely aware of the consequences that follow. 

“If a student is high/under the influence, the student is held in the building until a parent/guardian comes and picks them up.” 

“If a student was known to be high and then let out the school and were to get in an accident, it would be a liability for the school district.” Dean Depa added.   

The CDC has reported 1,080 cases all around the country. Medical researchers have discovered that a majority of the people who were hospitalized for vaping had lipoid pneumonia, a very rare form of pneumonia that occurs when you inhale a fatty substance (THC and nicotine) which then irritates and damages your lungs.

In addition, Hopkinsmedicine.orgs states that vaping raises your blood pressure and spikes your adrenaline, which increases your heart rate and the likelihood of having a heart attack.

East security weighs in on what makes vaping so dangerous.  

“I believe that vaping becomes a habit due to the chemicals inside of it,” new security guard Elwin said. 

The safest alternative is to just not smoke at all.  

“Vaping is (just) another alternative to smoke,” security guard Elwin said. 

Vaping has become very popular with the teenage demographic, and Morton East isn’t an exception.  

“I vape THC cartridges almost every day. Before and after school. It helps me relieve my stress and I always feel happier when I smoke.” an anonymous senior said.  

The reason why most teens vape is out of convenience.

“I have been smoking for 4 years.” another anonymous senior said. “It’s really convenient when you don’t have time to roll or when I can’t smell like weed.”