Majority of Morton’s young adults still watching cartoons

Serious national topics are often alluded to in some of our popular cartoons, for example,

Serious national topics are often alluded to in some of our popular cartoons, for example, "the wall" with Sponge Bob.

Jonathan Frutos, reporter

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Young Adults from around the world are still watching cartoon shows, but why? 

In a random survey of 100 students, 69% of students said they do watch cartoons, and 31% of students said that they don’t watch cartoon shows, at least not since they entered young adulthood.   

According to, millions of adults around the globe are still watching cartoons, as it is the best way to avoid the stress of everyday life. This phenomenon is called “kidult” (kid+adult), which refers to adults who have habits of consumption of teenagers. Before, being a kidult was frowned upon, but now it’s seen as something fun. Being an adult implies having responsibilities and sometimes it is good to watch a cartoon that entertains and make us laugh. In a cartoon, everything is possible, therefore, everything is more fun. When you watch a movie, you want to see good performances, a good script and a good direction. When you watch cartoons, you do not demand any of that, you just want to relax and enjoy, says 

Is it ok for young or old adults to watch cartoon shows?  

“Yes, if you’re an old adult and watch cartoons it’s childhood and they make cartoons to target age groups,” said Ms. Sandavol 

What age should people watch cartoons? 

“Any age or when little because it’s educational and entertaining,” said teacher Ms. Clarisa Sandoval.

It doesn’t matter what age people are; cartoons are entertaining for all ages.

Yet, some people still happen to become embarrassed when watching cartoons in front of people in a public place.

“They don’t want to be perceived like being immature,” said Ms. Sandoval.

Can adults still be kids by watching cartoon shows?  

“(One) can be a kid at heart, growing up watching a cartoon while it still airs; (Cartoons) remind of childhood,” said Ms. Sandoval.   “I grew up watching Rugrats, my favorite show,” she added. 

Adults can always be kids at heart; it doesn’t mean they should act like kids on the outside.  Parents don’t appreciate seeing their adult sons or daughters watching cartoons because they want them to grow up and act mature.

“(Some) parents see (cartoon viewing) as immaturity,” said Ms. Sandoval.    

What can teens learn from cartoons? 

“A lot of things — like scripts of what’s (actually) going on in society,” said Ms. Sandavol