Will we ever have a female president?


Anthony Abarca, Chelsy Ochoa, Zutaury Leyva, and Quinton Dixion

Out of a survey of 100 students and staff at Morton East 90 said that we will have a female president in the future. 

To this day there has only been one woman who has tried to run for president and has had some success, Hillary Clinton — who lost a close election to current President Donald Trump. She also ran in 2008 where she again lost to former President Barack Obama. She will most likely run again in the next election since she came close last time and has expressed a desire to run one last time. Many people want former first lady Michelle Obama to run for the presidency. Many people believe that she has what it takes to become President. 

Many students have given what they believe will happen in the coming future. 

“I think there is a possibility that there can be a female president with such candidate such as Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama,” Jessica Flores, a junior, said.  

Many people are firm believers that a woman will be elected. 

“Yes because more women are being elected as Congress, so why shouldn’t they run for the presidency,” senior Angie Figuereo said. 

Some students think we have a better chance of getting one because so many women are getting involved. 

‘’(We were) close to getting one last time, so yes we would get one,” Senior Juan Espinosa said. 

Hillary ran and was close to winning.  

‘’Yes, because times are changing and everyone is changing,” Senior Aaron Fajardo said. 

The world is changing people looking at things differently every day these days.