Split decision on big dogs versus small dogs

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Split decision on big dogs versus small dogs

Erica Castro and Shalein Sanchez

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In a random survey of 100 Morton East Students, 58 said they prefer big dogs and 42 prefer small dogs.  

A 4.5 rated animal shelter located in 1000 S La Fox Street South Elgin, IL 60177. The phone number is (847) 697-2880. You could also contact them at [email protected]. In the website www.chicagotribune.com it says St. Pat’s Day 5k to raise funds for Anderson Animal Shelter. According to the website www.kaneneighbors.com they help Anderson Animal Shelter Meet Community Needs with Public Pet survey. In the website www.dailyherald.com it states that St. Pat’s 5k Run/pet parade March 17 to benefit Anderson Animal Shelter.  

“For a while, I had asked my parents if I could have a dog and they would always say no but when I told my boyfriend that I want it a dog, he got me one and my parents agreed,” Senior Crystal Ramirez said. 

Parents are not always agreeing on having dogs because of their height and breed. 

“I prefer big dogs because they are more attached to men and they can be more fearful, they protect you from people that are trying to break into your house. They also join on doing more activities than smaller dogs,” Senior Carlos Cardoso said. 

It’s not always about big or small dogs, any dog can be fearful or playful. 

“I have a small dog because they are adorable and friendly. My dog could protect me from any stranger and danger. He also likes to run around the yard and play with other dogs that are the same breed as him,” Senior Shalein Sanchez said.  

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