Rose Bear promises to be best Valentine’s gift for 2019


Angie Figuereo, Lucia Gonzalez, and Eric Alvarado

Morton East students will buy a rose bear for their loved-on Valentine’s Day.

The rose bear was launched in late 2017 is a unique gift that’s on another level. It was created in Los Angeles, California each piece is delicate and handmade. The rose Bear is continuing to provide the most elegant and fascinating gifts for you and your loved ones. You can get the rose bear from different websites like Dose of roses, the rose bear. com, etc. The price depends on what website you buy it from, and the price range is from $88 -$500 dollars. They also come in different colors like red, pink, blue, gold, black, gray, white, purple, brown, the size that they come in are from 9-27 inches tall. In a random survey of 72 Morton East students, 41 reported that they would buy the rose bear for a loved one and 31 reported that they wouldn’t.

“I would feel special and surprise because I wouldn’t expect it from that person or anything in general because I’m not that type of person,” senior Vannity Bahena said.

For some, it’s not necessarily the gift itself, but how much someone is willing to spend that counts.

“If anyone would spend that amount of money to gift me that bear, I would feel really special and loved because I don’t think I would spend so much for a gift like that,” junior Jasmine Dominguez said.

Some people are willing to spend a lot of money for their loved one while other people will spend it on themselves.

“I wouldn’t buy that gift to anyone because it’s too expensive, and I rather spend that money on something for me.  Either way, if I ever bought a gift like that, it would be for my mom or grandma,” senior Kimberly Dominguez said.

A lot of people don’t mind about the price; they just care about making their soulmate happy and loved.

“Yes, I would buy my loved one a rose bear because I want to make them happy and make them feel special.  I don’t care about the price because I just want to make her happy,” Anthony Collins said.

Of course, expensive gifts aren’t for everyone.  For some, it’s all about the thought.

“Yes, I was thinking of getting her one, but my girlfriend said it was too expensive, so I would rather buy her something else,” senior Juan Espinosa said.