Boys should pay on Valentine’s Day, many say

Ramon Robles and Jose Arellano

Many Morton East students believe that the boy should pay for everything when it comes to going out on a date on Valentine’s Day.

Senior Raul Caro counts his cash. Will he have enough to treat his lady?

According to CNBC approximately $143.56 is the cost of someone buying flowers, jewelry, candy, clothes and other gifts for Valentine’s Day.  The person who is expected to pay the majority of the time is the male. Students state that finding someone who is willing to go half is a rare possibility. In a random survey of 120 Morton East students, 48 students expect the bill to go half and 74 students expect the male to pay.

“The bill should not always depend on somebody but it should be fair. Valentine’s day should not be about your significant other, but also for those friendships that we all have,” Mr. Dugan said.

Not all people think the same other believe the meaning of Valentine’s Day is more different.

“My opinion is that the male should take care of all the bills on a date, it’s more of a nice gesture to do towards females in my part,” Christian Perez said.

February 14th should not be all about relationships but also for the friendships that we have as explained by the students.

“Valentines days shouldn’t just be for your bf/gf but for friends as well. As its day to commemorate and show the love& appreciation that you have for those of big importance in your life,” Alondra Trujillo said.