Tattoos are fairly common for Morton teens


Lia Figueroa first tattoo meaningful for her family

Destiny V Barrera

It seems that the majority of students here at Morton East may have tattoos.

In a survey of 120 Morton students (mostly seniors and sophomores), 70 Morton students claim they got a tattoo before the age of 18; 50 Morton students claim to not have a tattoo.

One research project says 30% of students who get tattooed at a young age choose to get a cover-up to hide what they regret getting.  Just because their parents aren’t okay with it and or they don’t know what to get done, a lot of people make a somewhat random choice of what they want to get tattooed on their skin.

So, what do students at Morton East think?

“I don’t regret my first tattoo because it means the world to me; my tattoo has a big meaning and I wouldn’t regret it; my parents didn’t get mad because they knew it was something meaningful,” senior Jenny Rodriguez said.

“I personally want to wait till after high school and get my career then think about getting a tattoo, because I don’t want to have a hard time looking for a job always struggling. And I’ll be able to once I’m out my parents’ home because there very against it,” Sophomore Brandon Ortiz said.

“I honestly can’t wait to get a tattoo because I see everyone get one, and I think it’s dope.  I feel like my parents can’t tell me anything because I work for my own money, and I’m the one that’s going to be paying for it,” Junior student Maria Alvarez said.

“I got tattooed after high school because my friend was cancer free, and we all agreed to get tattoos together.  I wish I would’ve gotten something bigger, but I guess at the moment it was okay,” Morton dean Mr. Dugan said.

I (Destiny Barrera) personally feel like I got a tattoo during high school not to show off but because it means something to me.  It’s been my first tattoo, and I don’t regret getting it done.