Beer taste queer to many East students

Heriberto Delgado, reporter

Do high school students like the taste of beer or not?

Many young students drink alcohol, enjoy to kick back with friends although they know that they still aren’t at the right age to be doing it. But they think nothing is wrong with is because no one ever told them anything. 35% of high school students have drank in the pasted 30 days. 68% of seniors have at least tried alcohol at least once. 8.7 million People aged 12-20 have consumed alcohol in the past month. The average age for a teenager to get drunk is around age 14-15. About 52% of 10th graders (sophomores) say that it is not hard to obtain alcohol. In a random survey of 120 Morton East students, 80 said they didn’t like it and 40 said they like it.

“I’ve tried beer multiple times and I like it but I don’t do it often because I know I’m not supposed to but I do enjoy to drink it,” Senior April Bastida said.

Some high school students enjoy doing it but other are like completely against it and are all in for not trying or tasting beer as of right now.

“I have tried it but I completely hate the taste of it and I wouldn’t want to try anymore,” Senior Angel Mendez said.

Senior April Gomez and many East students prefer to stay hydrated with water instead of beer.

Many students feel like they have other important things to do that will affect their future other than worrying about drinking beer.

“I can’t say that I haven’t tried beer and I don’t mind the taste but I don’t really do it often because I have to worry about college and my soccer career,” Senior Isaac Carnalla said.

There are students who like to be reckless and don’t care what they do and others who care about their future. Most of time the way a teenager acts is due to the way they were raised.

“I wouldn’t want my son doing these things because I chose to raise him the right way, and teach him to wait till he is at the drinking age,” Cicero Mother Leticia Ramirez said.