Morton soccer bound for college soccer

Andres Moreno and Alexis Arellano

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After a 2018 Pepsico showdown and regional 3A winning season, Morton, high school soccer players look forward to furthering their education and playing soccer in college. 

The process of playing college soccer isn’t easy. First and most ideally, you must undergo the recruitment process, but if you don’t you can always have the intentions of trying out for the school’s soccer team on specific dates held. Playing college soccer in the U.S consists of dedication and disciplinary action in the craft of the sport. Countless days of training and sacrifice, but don’t get it mixed, the process is not as complex as it may sound. There are a series of platforms that can enhance one’s possibility to be recruited. A very common online app is the “Next College Student-Athlete”. This app allows you to create an online profile where you can put bio-metric data, events you partook in, awards & recognition, and most importantly your school transcripts. You can even create a highlight reel which colleges can view. This allows for self-exposure and interactions with college coaches. In a survey conducted of 26 Morton varsity soccer players, 25 players said they are looking towards playing soccer in college. 

“You really have to stay on top of your education, colleges really do focus on those players that are doing well academically and are good athletically,” Senior Adrian Barrera whom has received offers from Saint Xavier, North Park, and Dominican university said. 

Morton Varsity soccer team captain Adrian Barrera

Morton’s soccer team captain Adrian Barrera racing to the ball against Lyons Township opponent.

Morton has had a reputable history for getting many of their soccer athletes to college, many take on community college for their first 2 years so they can make up on any credits they may be required or missed, then they transfer to some well-recognized universities in the state of Illinois.  

“I am looking forward to playing soccer in college, I just need to improve my grades because I know it’s important for me and the university I’d want to go to,” Junior Adrian Cholico said. 

Don’t think you’re alone in the recruiting process; there is staff that can contact coaches and personnel so they can get an insight on the type of player that you are. College programs can be interested in the player and therefore proceed with the recruiting process. 

“I would try to do my best to contact the school and head coach of the soccer program for our players, we intend to get as many of our players on the path to continue their education but also be capable of playing soccer at the collegiate level,” Head coach Jim Bageanis said. 

Staff will always play their part to help make the recruiting process easier, but you must also do your best to facilitate the process for yourself, making sure grades are solid and your work ethic on the field improves every day. The Morton soccer team of 2018 showed many promising talents and leaders that will surely return for the next high school season in 2019. 

“I am planning on playing college soccer, I haven’t yet started talking to any coaches, but I do plan on doing so in my next varsity season,” Freshman Gio Alvarez said. 

Although, not everyone pursues the same path as they translate into the next chapter of their life after high school. Some people already have plans set and they are fully committed to having a profession they look forward to.  

When asked why he chooses not to play soccer in college, Jonathan Perez responded, “I’m going to a trade school where I can get a license for an electrician… I’m just following in my dad’s steps, but in between, I will still play (soccer) to stay in shape.”

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