Split opinions on major switch in school schedule at Morton East

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Split opinions on major switch in school schedule at Morton East

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Morton East students are split on their preference of last year’s schedule versus this year’s schedule – but more students seem to wish we returned to last year’s.  

There was a survey that was conducted on whether students preferred the old school schedule or the present school schedule. Out of 112 students that were randomly surveyed 61 students said they preferred the old school schedule and there were 51 students who said they preferred the new schedule. It seems that a slight majority of the students that were surveyed said that they disagree with the change in the school schedule and would like for the old schedule to return. The change in schedule has affected the personal lives of many of the students and staff members. This year there was a major change in the Morton East school schedule which has affected some of the lives of the students that go to Morton East. The new school schedule requires students to appear in class at 8:45 and the students were not dismissed until 3:10. The previous school schedule required students to be present from 8 in the morning until 2:40 in the afternoon. 

“No, I do not like the new schedule because it takes too long for us to leave the building,” senior Francisco Larios said.  

With every change, there is always a mixed review between the groups that enjoy the change and the ones who hate it. 

“I enjoy the new school schedule and believe that this has lowered my tardies since I have more time to sleep and to get ready for school,” Junior Miguel Salgado said. 

School income is based on the number of students and their attendance so low tardies mean more income for Morton East. 

“when I went to school, I would miss a lot of classes because of the schedule and some of my friends would also miss a lot but this change really helps students I believe,” Senior of class 2017 Braulio Servin said 

This major change is now something that these years seniors don’t have to worry about so much but the newer generations. 

“This is my first year in this school and with this new schedule it gives me a chance to sleep and to in school premises before 1st period,” Sophomore Efrain Puentes said 

Time is very important for students but even more so for 0-hour students. 

“When I had zero hour,  I had to wake up early and that really affected my sleep schedule because I had to be in school at 6 a.m. and now zero hour starts at 8:20-840 so it really benefits students,” Senior Sebastian Salas said. 

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