Morton East students get jobs for different reasons


Senior Isreal Carranza has a list of places he can apply to.

Natalia Marquez, Tania Figueroa, and Rebecca Espinoza

A job is a very big responsibility, especially when you are a teenager still attending school, but some Morton East students take on that extra responsibility.  

There are some students who are in clubs and in sports or they are in a program, and some of those students still go to work after school. There were 35 students out of 120 that said they have a job. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors were asked a survey question, and from that survey question, 4 sophomores out of 40 said they have a job, 14 juniors out of 40 said they have a job, and only 17 seniors out of 40 said they have a job. Most seniors are too distracted with getting their future ready that they don’t have the time for a job, seniors are applying for colleges and are focusing on their grades to be able to qualify for scholarships.  

“I am focusing on school and I have applied to places, but they do not hire me because I am too young,” sophomore Tiffany Rodriguez said.  

There are young students who really want a job and they believe they are ready for the responsibility. 

“I want a job because I want to start being independent and not keep asking my parents for money,” sophomore Rocio Ryes said. 

Most students need to ask their parents for money, and they don’t want to rely on their parents to buy them the things they want. Or sometimes the students must have a job to support their family. 

“I have a job because I need to bring income to my family,” senior Hector Ceballos said.  

Some students have a big responsibility at home just like at school, their parents depend on them to bring money to the table. Other students have a job just for fun. 

“My friend told me they were hiring at his job, so I applied,” senior Christian Gutierrez said.  

At times students get lucky with getting a job because they know people in the workplace. It is okay to not have a job because students have a lot responsibility with school and at home as it is.   

“I haven’t been applying at all because I’m not looking for one, I don’t want a job, it is too much pressure with school and everything,” junior Jason Arzuaga said.