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Most Morton grads will commute to college

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Dorm or commute? Essentially the most important step to sort out when initiating your college journey.   Most Morton graduates will end up commuting — to save money, it seems.

In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, 52 students are planning on commuting and 48 are planning on living on campus. Many young students are very hesitant about making a final decision, whether it be financial reasons or simply time management. Logically, if you are going to continue your studies out of state you must dorm or find a moderately cheap apartment in near or in the proximity of good transits to the school. On the other hand, there are students staying in state and in relatively close distance of the school, but should they dorm or should they commute? Reasonably, if you have all the necessities and time management to commute and willing to make the effort of going back and forth, then go ahead because living on campus can be a financial toll if deciding to dorm. Although, those who do find the accessible ability to dorm usually tend to have the financial resources or simply can attain a scholarship because of their pursuit and efforts in school. These students who do dorm also tend to be more connected and associated with campus activities that can help them academically and athletically.

“Most of the high school students want to dorm when they think about college, but you also have to think about your family’s income and what you can or can’t afford,” College career center coordinator Daniela said. 

It’s very difficult for some people to even attend the universities they desire because they are incapable of paying the cost and they don’t want to have loans to pay off. In other cases, some acquire scholarships, and some take the risk of paying off loans in the near future after graduation.  

“I definitely want to dorm because I want to get that full college experience and see how it is to live somewhere where I don’t have my family and no one to tell me what to do,” senior Ximena Garibay said. 

Students expectations differentiate when heading into college. Some hope to join sports, others in pursuit of degrees, and those who like to party. You can’t discredit these people for their behaviors that deviate from your own because this is what makes the college experience a crucial phase in your life. 

“I would prefer to dorm because I would like to meet new people in the day and overnight, visiting places with other people, enjoying new restaurants and mostly for the parties in the night!” senior Lalo Barrera said. 

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  1. Vanessa Perez on January 10th, 2019 12:05 pm

    I could relate to this because my cousin just graduated from high school in 2018 and she chose to go to Roosevelt University in Chicago but she lives in Palatine, IL so she has to commute to college in order to get her education. I also would like to dorm into a university about 3 hours away but I think I may end up commuting to college as well so it could save me some money.

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Most Morton grads will commute to college