East students are staying home this winter break

Anthony Abarca, Chelsy Ochoa, Quinton Dixon, and Jacqueline Olvera

In a random survey of 150 Morton students and teachers most said that they were not planning on leaving the state over Christmas break this winter.  

There are many reasons why one might decide to stay home rather than going out on vacation, economic reasons, homesick or personal reasons. In 2017, it’s been estimated that Americans spent roughly 156 billion on traveling and almost half of that was in the winter months.  

“I recently moved out of my parents’ house, and I want to go visit them.” Ms. Miller.  

It seems that many people decide to stay home because they’re homesick and want to spend time with their families. Also, traveling out of state or country during the holidays could be very expensive. 

“I can’t afford to go on vacation right now I’m broke,” senior Quinton Dixon said 

It seems that some people decide to save money at the moment rather than spend it.  

“I plan on going to Mexico with my family; `we’re renting out a little ranch,” said lit lab instructor Mr. Sujak. 

Most people that go out to vacation go to a warmer environment, for obvious reasons.