Culinary produces, teachers consume at first Grab and Go

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Students produced, teachers consumed at Morton East Culinary department’s first Grab and Go coffee and breakfast bar in November.

Teens usually are the ones buying from adults, but on November 9, 2018 students from Morton East High taking culinary arts baked goods and sold them to teachers.

Students taking culinary arts during zero hour baked goods like cookies and muffins to sell to the teachers in the morning along with drinks and other consumables. Class started at 6:55 and we began to bake quickly. The students had made all the ingredients and stuff the previous day so everything could be ready to bake on Friday. It was a busy morning while preparing everything, there were many tasks to do like setting up the stand outside the class and making sure everything was well organized.  For most of the students, it was their the first time ever participating in the morning cafe so many were nervous to talk to adults and try to get them to buy something or even interact with them.

“It was my first time selling baked goods to the teacher, so I was a bit nervous to mess up a teachers order and look untrained, I didn’t want to let my classmates down because we’ve been preparing for a long time.” (Zutaury Leyva)

Overall the selling was a success there was teachers by the bunches. It was a great way for students to gain confidence and experience which could be used in the real world and could even be used as experience while looking for a job. The students had a fun time, they talked to their teacher and are deciding if they should do the morning cafe every other Friday and try to improve things to make it easier and even add new things to the menu. The cafe ran from 7:30 all the way until 8:30. To make things easy the students could only accept payment by credit or debit cards and were only allowed to sell things to teachers since there is a rule that the culinary arts class can’t compete against the morning breakfast served in the lunch room to students.

“Something we could improve on was making it clear that payments could only be made by credit card because many teachers tried paying with cash and slowed down the paying line.” (Alexander Ornelas)

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