Bible Club, The Way for the faithful at East


Members of East's Bible Club study the Bible and its truths.

Silvia Jimenez and Ricardo Corona

At Morton East High School, there is a club — The Way at East — that brings people together with the help of faith.

Bible club has created a close group of people by using religion and moral beliefs. The club gives you a chance to see what they offer and an insight of who Christians are. According to, the Bible was written in three languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. The Bible is about 611,00 words long and the longest book of the Bible is Jeremiah.

“Bible club is a student-led club. What we do is pray and read a verse from the bible and try to connect or figure out what the verse is trying to say and have a conversation about it,” said co-vice president.

For many people, this would sound dull and not very interesting. But that is why you must bring yourself to this club to really see how it is. Maybe you’ll like it or maybe you won’t. You won’t know until you go.

“We try to bring more people in our club and try to spread the word of Christianity,” stated Secretary Daisy Perez.

Although you may have been raised differently such as growing as a Catholic, that shouldn’t stop you from checking out Bible Club. Everyone is welcomed to come.

“I learned that Christians and Catholics do have their differences in what they see in the bible but for Christians, they have set rules that must be followed,” a member from the club stated.

Before you get the wrong idea of Christians seeming a bit strict, you should also know that they’re human and have fun too just like the rest of us. So far, the Bible Club has been to a bonfire and recently had a Thanksgiving dinner. More exciting events will come throughout the rest of the year.