Halloween chasing rates among worst experiences

Let's hope Michael Myers doesn't chase you this Halloween.

Courtesy of Fanpop

Let's hope Michael Myers doesn't chase you this Halloween.

Pony Express News, reporters

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Being chased is never fun, especially when it’s on Halloween.

Halloween night is known to be one of the deadliest nights in America. More than 70 percent of accidents occurred away from an intersection or crosswalk. Some people have the worst experiences in their life on Halloween. Many rather stay inside and not go out on Halloween night to avoid the horrors of the night. A survey of 111 students, 34 students said that they have had bad experiences on Halloween night.    

“It was Halloween; (me) and my group of friends were trick o’ treating, when 12 (gang members) pulled up on us. They threw an egg at us and we chased after them.  They took us around the block where they stopped and took out knives and bats — trying to attack us.  We ran away after a van with 6 more (gang members) rolled up,”  Morton East student Jaylen White said. 

Some people use Halloween as an opportunity to commit crimes and hide their identities while doing so. 

“It was 4 of us trick o’ treating after basketball tryouts, and we went to a house and thought we saw a statue of Michael Myers.  We hesitated to go because we were scared it was going to move, but we realized that it was probably just someone dressed up.  So, we slowly went towards the candy — that’s when he started chasing us with a chainsaw.  We dropped our candy and started running. We ran 2 blocks. After we had a minor heart attack, we started bursting out laughing and walked the opposite way,” senior Angie Figuereo said.  

Regardless, being chased is among students’ worst Halloween experiences.

“I was trick o’ treating with my little brother when someone with a Jason mask started chasing us,” senior Bryan Martinez said. Courtesy of Fanpop

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