No winter sports at school

Students say “Safety First”

Gael Fabian, reporter

Winter sports have been been put on hold for schools in Illinois, but most feel it’s for the best right now,.

According to The Chicago Tribune, recently, the winter sports season is put on hold due to Covid-19. Currently, the Boys and girls sports teams are set to return in the year 2021. Prior to this, the IHSA board of directors will meet on Nov. 19 2020 to potentially set a path for the IHSA sport and activity participation for the rest of the school year. Over time, gov. Pritzker has talked about how a new Covid-19 vaccine can really impact how the sports teams return and he Hope’s to see one in the near future.

“I am fully supportive of cancelling winter sports for this school year.  With COVID numbers and deaths rising, we are on the cusp of a second wave which threatens to be much worse than the initial outbreak.  Participating in sports makes it increasingly challenging to socially distance, and at this point in time. Securing our health is SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than securing a sports team, and our strongest focus has to remain on diminishing the virus; this means that we, as a society, must sacrifice the things we love, for the time being, so ensure a better future,” English teacher Brad Reid said.

Morton students agree.

“There is no reason to bring back the winter sports in the near future. Covid is a serious virus and should be taken seriously because anyone can get infected,” said senior Jose Romero.

And, the teams don’t really social distance during training making it unsafe for everyone.

“Bringing back winter sports shouldn’t be considered during this pandemic. There is no point of bringing it back and risking the safety of the team,” said senior Jairo Bahena.