Chicago Bears struggle offensively

Alejandro Castro, reporter

Student fans say the Bears could be good if it wasn’t for that offensive line.

Da Chicago Bears started off this season with a hopeful 5-1 record.  But, since then it’s been a six game losing streak struggle. Their most recent loss was to the last place Detroit Lions.  According to an article by Jeff Dickerson, the Bears struggles are all on the offensive side (a Pop Warner offense) while Matt Nagy struggles with horrible play calling. The defense is playing well — holding down the run game against teams like the Minnesota Vikings.

“The problem with the Bears is our offense.  We suck at running the ball, our quarterbacks suck, we don’t score enough points, and we have like one good receiver,” said senior Vicente Castro

Female football fans agree, and at least one is calling for Nagy’s firing.

“The offense is not good whatsoever, and they need to fire Matt Nagy.  There are too many injuries right now,” senior Sarai Hernandez said.

Some students think switching it up a little will result in a better team.

“I would say the problem with the bears is their offense because it is just terrible unlike their defensive which is amazing, but they need to work on their offense and switch their offensive coordinator,” said senior Jonathon Palencia.


Still, others are pointing fingers at Nagy and the QBs.

“The play calling and quarterback problems (plague the team). Looking for a new quarterback is key ’cause Foles has been showing why he’s a backup quarterback; the play-calling has been awful and the o-line can’t protect the QB.  So many linemen get past it which means that the quarterback has less time to think and has to release the ball right away,” said  Principal Jose Gamboa.