Students would buy Xbox Series X


Ozziel Fernandez

To my left we have an xbox controller and to my right we have a ps4 controller,

Ozziel Fernandez, Reporter

Morton East students will rather buy the Xbox series x than the PS5.

According to TechRadar’s, “PS5 vs Xbox series X: Which console should you pick?” by Gerald Lyned, Henry St Leger, Vic hood, and Adam Vjestica, says that the Xbox series x has a slightly advantage when comparing both consoles. The PS5 looks to unreal to be true, they have the best architecture if you look at it, it’s actually 4 times more powerful than the Xbox series x. Oddly, the Xbox series x, has more speed when it comes to downloading stuff and games. One thing people do not know is that both of these consoles are going to change the way we look at these two consoles from now on, making us think which one is actually better. Overtime, gamers argues which of these two consoles are the better one.   Recently, in a random survey of 50 students, 27 people would get the Xbox series x, and 23 students would want to get the PS5 when this consoles come out to the market.

“I would be happy to tell you my opinion in the PS5 vs Xbox x series debate.  Personally, I am a PC gaming guy and don’t play any of these systems currently.  The last PlayStation I owned was a PS2 and the last Xbox I owned was a 360. If I were to go out and buy one now I would buy a PS5.  I think the library of games available to PlayStation are more fun, unique and compelling.  Looking at the games Xbox has to offer, none of them to me have done anything that has interested me in buying an Xbox.  I know historically, the console war has been between Xbox and PlayStation, but unless Microsoft can replicate the success they had with the first Halo game, I think Xbox has been left in the dust behind PlayStation and Nintendo,” Morton East math teacher Dalton Elkins said.

Prior to this, some people like the PS5 more than the Xbox but they are other people who say the contrary of this.

“I prefer Xbox because the CPU is better than PS5. The CPU for Xbox is 3.8 GHZ and for the PS5 is 3.5 GHZ, so that makes it better,” senior Michael Moreno said.

The interpretation of this dispute between the fans of which console is better is very close because both consoles are very good developed but each console have their own characteristics.

“I prefer PlayStation although I have never really played on an Xbox. We have a PlayStation 4 at home that I use to play rocket league and that is about it. PlayStation seems to be more mainstream, that’s why we bought it,” Morton East civics teacher Sofia Sandoval said

However, quotes can be funny when dealing with this topic

“I prefer Xbox because I want privacy and since now on the PS5 they are going to record the talks you have with your friends, it’s going to feel weird knowing that other people could hear what you say,” senior Pablo Bedolla said.

Until now, we have a very tough dispute on which of this two consoles are better positions to be purchased by the audience.

“I prefer the PS5 because of the graphics, and I personally like PlayStation more than Xbox, and yes I do plan on buying it when it comes out,” senior Alan Damian said.

Currently, everyone is really anxious and waiting on these two consoles to drop and get their own version of their favorite console.