Students fear playing sports due to COVID-19


Mayra Salazar

Bowling is one of the many sports that is considered low risk, but with that,, would you still play?

Mayra Salazar, Reporter

Most students are still afraid to play sports even with restrictions to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

According to IHSA many if the seasons have changed due to Covid-19. In Illinois sports that were at high-risk in the fall were changed so they will have their season in the spring. For example, here at Morton football, boys’ soccer, and girls’ volleyball have all been moved from fall to spring. Many of the guidelines have changed and sports have been classified as either high risk or low risk, depending on that the season has changed, even with these changes they may not happen. For example, bowling it’s a sport that is classified as low risk and as of now is something that will still happen, unless other schools don’t compete. Mask will be required and even rules have changed for tournaments, like for example the number of schools in a tournament. Everything seems to be up in the air, but even the experts of IDPH try their best to have the seasons happen and work around this difficult situation. Previously in a poll that was conducted 29 out of 45 students would not play sports with Covid-19.

“I am not sure if changing seasons will “decrease” the number of COVID-19 cases, but it will certainly allow for opportunities for athletes to be able to compete in a better environment (hopefully) and to finish their season without major interruption. Here at Morton High School, I have implemented measures that exceed the state’s recommendations to ensure that our athletes, coaches, athletic trainers, and bus drivers are in the safest environment possible. I truly believe these precautions have allowed us to finish our fall seasons with no extreme setbacks unlike many of our competitors. I am proud of our Mustangs and how they met and surpassed expectations to be transparent, wear their masks and physical distance. Overall, I cannot wait to see our Mustangs back out in full capacity! I miss our athletes and the environment that athletics bring to the high school experience!” Nicole Ebsen, the athletic director of Morton High school, said.

A non-athlete student at Morton believes in the following.

“I don’t think so because it’s still not even safe to be around people even if you are wearing masks, and also it’s dangerous because they have to wear masks and what if they can’t breathe and then as their training they pass out,” senior Ivan Natale said.

Oddly enough a student who is an athlete agrees with the gentlemen above.

“I honestly say they shouldn’t be due to the fact that the number of infected students can increase by a tremendous amount just by allowing one or two sports to be played again,” junior Jesus Martínez said.

An athlete who is plays a sport that is considered high risk believes there’s a solution and maybe a possible way to still play

“I think it should as long as people get tested every 2-4 weeks because some people depend on going to college because of their athletic abilities,” senior Jean Vargas said.

Playing sports can be very important for those pursuing sports careers, or seeking scholarships for a way to pay for college.

“(Athletes) can earn scholarships (to expensive schools) and (playing sports) can be a stress reliever for some,” senior Edwin Limon said.