Photo essay: Morton Rugby runs, kicks into action

Aurelio Servin, Alexander Ornelas, Jesus Andrade, and Dominic Nixon

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READY, UP! Here Morton and the opposing team are fighting for the ball in a line-out. This is down when the ball is kicked out of bounds.

Pack on me! Here a Morton Rugby player is running the ball, gaining field position. While he is running, a pack of 3-4 players should be behind him to secure the ball.

Field advantage. Here Rodrigo Avelar is seen kicking the ball for field advantage. This is done to either get the ball away from their teams try zone or to get to the opposing teams try zone quicker.

Scrum! Here the forwards from the Morton Rugby Team are locking heads against the opposing team in order to restore a play. A scrum is created by the forwards getting together in 3 binding rows.

Pre-Game. Morton Rugby is here doing their traditional pre-game. The team does this to hype up our team right before starting the game.