New coaches improve Morton East

Kevin Castillo, Alexander Velasco, Oscar Cruz, Raul Caro, and Adrian Barrera

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As the years go by here at Morton East, the athletic program is always welcoming new students to the sports offered. However, not only are new students coming but so is a huge wave of new staff and coaches to come help and improve what there is here at Morton East. 

Morton East is home to many of District 201’s athletic coaches, such as Mr. Castro Giovanni (Wrestling), Ms. Miller (Poms), and Mr. Bagaenis (Soccer).  Although coaching can be rather messy, these coaches love what they’re doing and hope to continue on coaching for the betterment of the students to become great athletes. 

There were also some things that we didn’t know that goes on in the job of being a coach here at Morton. Things such as if you’re a coach you get paid depending the experience you have coaching, and obviously head coaches are paid more. Also, almost every coach needs a coaching certificate in order to coach here. Some things that students have thought about was that if a team wins then that would be a sort of bonus pay for the coaches. However, contrary to popular belief, athletic coaches don’t make more money when their team wins; salaries are determined way ahead of time.  

Out of 100 students that took our survey, only 13 of them knew about some of the new coaches that are coming into the Morton athletic programs. Though most of the students in Morton don’t participate in Morton Athletics. 

“You give me a team of winners, and I’ll give you a winning team,” said head coach of varsity wrestling Mr. Castro Giovanni. 

There is always one message however that coaches can all agree on when it comes to their team, and that’s perseverance. 

“Never give up,” said head coach of varsity poms Ms. Hasapis. 

Part of being a coach also includes believing in your team and knowing what they’re capable of. 

“As my first year as a coach, I am very proud of my girls because they go above and beyond in their routines.”