Chicago Bears recent success stimulates fan base


Mitchell Trubisky #10 the current Quarterback for the Bears

Alexander Ornelas, Jesus Andrade, Aurelio Servin, Josue Puentes, and Dominic Nixon

It’s been a long wait for die-hard Bears fans, but (finally) the Chicago Bears are off to a great start this season.

This year Chicago’s local football team, The Chicago Bears, have been off to a great start. So far they are 8-4 this year and have top 5 defenses and top 10 offenses. They recently suffered an injury by losing starting QB, Mitchel Trubisky, Mitchel is hopeful for next week’s game against the Rams (11-1). In a random survey, 100 students were asked if they thought the Bears could win a Super Bowl:  78 students said “No,” while 22 said “Yes.”

“This is actually a season I enjoy watching the games.  Before, it was just on as background noise while I was grading work,” said science teacher Mr. Bill Kink.

People are excited for this great start since 2006 which was the last time they made the Super bowl & lost to the Colts. Many people have been disappointed in previous seasons. This shows that Bears fans are finally happy to get some wins this year — and maybe make playoffs.  While some seem to enjoy watching the Bears success, some are indifferent.

“They suck. Period,” said senior Matthew Lopez.

It’s safe to say that the Bears has its lovers and haters. They faced the Rams last Sunday gaining a victory that many were surprised about.

“I didn’t think the Bears would actually win, they were up against one of the best teams this season,” said Angel Ruiz.

With the Bears most recent win, it seems that Bears are going to have a great season. Something many of the people from Chicago did not expect.