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Boys versus girls soccer

Natalia Marquez, Rebecca Espinoza, and Tania Figueroa

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The boys’ and girls’ soccer teams at Morton East High School are very competitive, but most students  think the boys are better.  

According to the soccer coach/gym teacher Mr. Bageanis, the boys’ soccer team is made up of 23 boys. Their season starts the first week of August and ends the first week of November. They so far have 7 wins and 1 loss. The girls’ soccer team is made up of 22 girls, and for the year of 2018 they had 19 wins and 4 losses, and their season starts the first week of March and ends the first week of May. In 2011, the boys team won state championship. So far, the girls team has not won state championship. There are homogeneous, or the same thoughts on the soccer team, but then there are also very different opinions. In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, 64 students reported that they think the boys team has the better soccer record.  

“I have only attended the boys’ soccer games because I think they play better,” senior Crystal Ramirez said. 

Moreover, there are students who go to soccer games, and they like to attend both soccer teams’ games. 

“I have gone to both the girls and boys soccer games, I like going to both, I am supporting both teams of my school,” senior Yesenia Mata said.  

There are students who enjoy watching the soccer games. 

“The boys soccer games are just more entertaining to me.” senior Dakgma Ojeda said. 

Although some students attend the boys’ soccer games, there are other students that have never even sat on the bleachers to watch a soccer game. 

“I have not attended any of the soccer games, I don’t like the sport soccer,” senior Shalein Sanchez said.

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Boys versus girls soccer