Boy’s volleyball rebuilds

Raymundo Enriquez, Reporter

Tryouts are over for your 2015 Morton men’s volleyball team. This year’s varsity team will consist of 3 freshmen, 7 sophomores, 2 juniors and 2 seniors.
“This year’s team is predominately young; that’s why we are calling this year a rebuilding year,” coach Hornilla said.

This year’s captain agrees.
“It is definitely justifiable to call this season a rebuilding year,” Co-captain Samuel Rodriguez said

Rodriguez was a part of last year’s senior dominated team that consisted of 11 seniors and 3 juniors.
“Sam and I rode the bench last year but now it’s our time,” Co-captain Raymundo Enriquez said.

Enriquez is a returning player as well. The youth of the mustangs may bring adversity to them.
“A lot of our guys are young and therefore lack experience compared to their competition.” Coach Hornilla said.

The mustangs are not afraid of adversity.
“Although it might be tough our guys are ready to learn and give their very best,” Enriquez said.

“We are ready for anything,” Rodriguez said.

“If build chemistry and come together early in the season then we can be a force to reckon with,” coach Hornilla said.