Photo essay: Morton East Spring Musical shines (like a rubbed lamp)

Victor Munoz, Adrian Nava, Sebastian Guzman

aladdin 6 Powerful..The Sorcerer feels so powerful after capturing Aladdin.   The sorcerer controlled the kingdom by making sure no one from the palace could communicate with the community.  The palace spoke Spanish, the community spoke English; only the sorcerer was bilingual.

aladdin12 Lago…The sorcerer’s parrot following his bosses orders. She was frustrated and annoyed having to obey his orders and do what he tells her to do right away.

aladdin15 Wedding… In this picture, Princess Jasmine and Aladdin are getting married. On the side, we have Abu and Rajah. Princess Jasmine and Aladdin are holding hands. Abu and Rajah are holding flowers. The Sultan is talking to them about love







Dancing.. In this picture, the genie and Aladdin are dancing. This act involved a lot of dancing and this is one of them. They all have their hands out and the genie is pointing are her self.






aladdin10 Magical….by Aladdin rubbing the lamp he summoned the Genie and was granted three wishes. The genie is one of the magical creatures in the story — besides the flying carpet. Aladdin is given a discrete explanation towards what he can and can’t wish for through a song.