Safety over friends, family this Thanksgiving

Juan Garcia, reporter

Safety is more important than friends and family this Thanksgiving, students say.

Many People are afraid of hanging out during the holidays in a pandemic with their friends or family. They wonder if they should follow the same safety rules or take precautions just in case one of their friends or family members as they do with anyone else.

“Being with family this thanksgiving is a safety hazard this year,” Juan Mandujano, a junior from Morton East High School, said. 

People think they should focus more on what matters during this pandemic which are their family and their health. Parties or reunions for a holiday should be held when they’re safe or feel safe and not during a pandemic.

“It’s important for all of us to think hard about what really matters most us during this pandemic which is our health,” Gavino Hernandez, a senior student from Morton East High school, said. 

Lastly people say “yes” It does matter to take precautions during a pandemic even if you’re hanging out with family members or close friends.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re hanging out with close friends or family members the virus can affect anyone no matter what,”Alberto Padilla, a senior student from Morton East High School, said.