Opinion on the Proud Boys and Antifa

Said Aguirre, Reporter

The Proud Boys (first created in 2016) stand against domestic terrorism.

The whole purpose of the group is to stand for the western values of our country as we should! Antifa, on the other hand, is not what they say they are.  Many of the events that have taken place around the country staged by Antifa show they promote looting businesses, attacking law enforcement (calling them “pigs” with no compassion whatsoever).

Why has Sleepy Biden and also FBI Director Chris Wray said that Antifa is an ideology when it clearly isn’t?   When has this country come to the point where we allow thugs and lowlifes to go around then burn our home down?   Antifa even has the audacity to stomp on the American flag — burn it, then disrespect our veterans and fellow law enforcement?

If we continue to support this lawlessness, we will end up like Sweden and Germany.  Instead of supporting this country that gave us all freedom and the opportunity for many families of all walks of life, we choose to support criminals.   And, label the ones who want to stand up against what is happening as white supremacists.  Whose fault is it:  the media.  they poison us with information that isn’t the problem.  The media has a big agenda, and they defiantly know what they are doing to the public.