DACA concerns: one family’s opinions mirrors a community

Samuel Vega

President Donald Trump has been trying to end the DACA program, and the majority of students at Morton East are against it.

DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, was created by The Obama administration in 2012 for the purpose of taking pressure off of young people who are brought to this Country illegally by their parents. With DACA the youth are allowed a temporary reprieve from deportation, and permission to work, study, and obtain a driver’s licenses. Over 700,000 young illegal immigrants are a part of the DACA program.  Here’s one family’s opinion.

I asked my uncle what you would like to see happen in regards to DACA.

“I hope it stays because it will be bad for the young people who are just trying to have a better life,” Jose Vega said.

I asked my brother if he thinks everyone will be deported.

“It’s highly unlikely that everyone would be deported immediately; it would take years for everyone to get deported,” Hector Vega said.

I asked another uncle why DACA is so important.

“With DACA, young people have the ability to get jobs, driver’s licenses, and avoid being deported,” he said.