Bring back recess

Erick Cardenas, reporter

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Schools should provide recess for students.  

Kids these days deserve more recess vs laborious hours in a classroom. Why do children deserve more recess time? Most students in elementary school are forced to stay in one classroom for over a long period of time. Recess gives a child many things such as improving one’s health, social skills, and even improvement in the classroom.  

Recess time at schools should be increased for children. People may doubt how recess benefits children, but studies show that stepping away from classwork to go have fun decreases the obesity problem in the United States. An hour of recess gives a child the chance to go have fun while being physically active at the same time. If more recess time isn’t added, then kids won’t get enough exercise to be healthy.  

Schools shouldn’t have to provide time for students to have fun they should do that after school hours. Recess takes away time from the classroom and increases the risk of students getting hurt. Other people may disagree with recess, but they should know that its crucial to a child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development.  Recess may be the only time for some kids where they can have fun and have communication with peers. That’s why it’s important because it gives children the ability to build social skills and gets the brain moving.  

Sometimes children just need time to take a break to recharge the mind. Schools around our country usually have 7 hours in the school day. Students can’t learn in an environment like that. They need time to just be free and have fun with other students.  

Finally, elementary schools should add more recess for students because it improves children physical health. It also helps kids bring out social skills. Lastly, all students just need a break to relax. In conclusion, it’s important for schools to provide students with recess time.  

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