East likes Stranger Things

Jacqueline Robles and Adan Ortiz

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Here at Morton East more students watch Stranger Things than any other shows. 

In a random survey of 120 Morton East students, 33 percent of the students reported that Stranger Things is their favorite TV show, unsurpassed by anything else on TV.  According to the article from CreditDonkey, it states that the amount of time that the average person spends watching TV each day has a slight increase in recent years. Also, that the average typical American view just over 5 hours of TV every single day, and About 30 minutes of that time is spent watching shows that were previously recorded or live programming. It is stated that 31 percent of American households own four sets of TV’s or more. 

“I chose Stranger Things because I like how the story progresses on each character,” senior Juan Martinez said.  

The second most favorite TV show was The Walking Dead with 29 percent. 

 “I chose The Walking Dead because I like how the characters survive through the apocalyptic world,” senior Adan Ortiz said.  

For the rest of the favorite TV shows The Big Bang Theory got 20 percent and 13 Reasons Why got 18 percent from the survey.  

“I chose none of the above because my favorite TV show is Jimmy Neutron,” senior Christopher Rivera said.     


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