Many students don’t plan on Covid-19 vaccine

Perla Carrera and Britany Ruiz

Many students think that they should wait a little more to see how the COVID vaccine works and what side effects it has before getting it themselves.

According to “Reasons American students may hesitate to get a COVID-19 vaccine” In a presentation during the virtual Infectious Diseases in Children Symposium, Offit said “the language being used to describe the vaccine may come across as worrisome for the public, especially considering how fast vaccines are being developed.” Currently, many students say that getting the COVID vaccine is not going to make any changes, or it is not even worth it because it does not make you immune to the virus and it yet has side effects, students also think that it is not worth it because you still have to wear a mask and still must be careful by getting along with other people. In a random survey of 20 students, 16 said that they are not planning to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I think the COVID vaccine was rushed and the effectiveness it has on people may not be as accurate as we want it to be.  They take a long time to find the cure for other diseases, so I think it would be hard to actually make a vaccine in such a little time that may not be effective. I (would only take it) if I knew that it is 100% effective and that not only would it be like for people my age but also other younger kids,” senior Guadalupe Rubio said.

Some students think that the vaccine was rushed and it does not have the best effect on people, but other students think it helps a lot of people.

“I think it’s cool that there’s a vaccine for (Covid-19).  I think it helps a lot of people. I wouldn’t take it, though,  because I don’t really take shots unless I absolutely have to — which are mostly the ones for school,” senior Yesenia Hernandez said.

People think that COVID and the vaccine will become normal in our lives.

“I think that the COVID vaccine will soon become a normal vaccine; everyone will have to take just like the flu shot. I would get it but not right now until they are 100% good,” senior Daniel Santillan said.

Getting the vaccine can prevent students and their families from COVID but others say they won’t get it until they know it works 100 percent.

“I don’t have any thoughts about the COVID vaccine since I’ve been somewhat disconnected from another kind of news. If I had the choice of getting the vaccine, I would because my kid is still small and just if there’s any way to avoid getting COVID and getting it to my family I would,” Morton East 2019 graduate Maria Aguayo said.