What’s your word for 2020?

Sarai Hernandez, Reporter

The word of 2020 is “lockdown” — but some students and staff disagree.

According to BBC News, the word “Lockdown” has been chosen to be the word of the year for 2020, by Collins Dictionary. Initially, in 2019 the word was used 4,000 times only and in 2020 the word has been used more than a quarter of a million The Guardian stated. Usually, language is a reflection of the world around us and has been impacted now during this pandemic. At first, the Collins Dictionary considered the words coronavirus, key worker, furlough, and social distancing influenced by the global pandemic. In a poll conducted through Instagram with 33 responses, 55% said lockdown shouldn’t be the word of the year and 45% saying it should be.

“While I do think “lockdown” is a good word for the year, it’s not what I would’ve picked. Lockdown is without a doubt a huge part of everyone’s year. I think as an optimist my word for the year would be “unity”.  For me personally, this year brought my family together for four months. That is the longest we’ve all lived together since 2014. Being apart from everyone else didn’t matter because I was united with my family. I think being so physically far from other people actually forces us to unite and find new ways to stay connected,” civics teacher Ms. Couch said.

Interesting enough. this year was an election year, and it was interesting.

“This word also highlights the results of the recent election. I think this is going to be a time of unity for a lot of Americans. I’ve already been seeing things on the internet of people coming together and finding out the results of the election. I can only hope the country will unite and fight through this pandemic together. This year has shown me how much can be accomplished when people unite for common causes,” civics teacher Ms. Couch said.

Amusingly, someone else took a more positive point of view.

“I don’t think lockdown should be the word of the year. I saw more love, more kindness, and more togetherness than I saw Lockdown. More movie time with family, game night, and more hikes in the forest,” graphic arts teacher Ms.Michau said.

So, get out a dictionary and browse for your 2020 word.

“The word I would give the year 2020 would be grace. Look grace up in the dictionary and you will see why,” graphic art teacher Ms.Michau said.