Covid cases are high in Cicero


Javon Parker, Reporter

Covid cases in Cicero are rising exponentially.  

According to The Town of Cicero website on the latest updates on the status of Covid-19, there were about 355 more of our residents tested for Covid during Stage 3 status. Out of that 35590 more residents have tested positive as of Thursday, November 19.  Prior, there were 6,450 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Cicero. Over time, that number has increased to about 7,539 now, according to the Town of Cicero website.  Cicero has been a hot spot in recent weeks and
restrictions are starting to be set back in place as the state of Illinois has implemented a temporary stay-at-home advisory in mid-November.  In a random poll of 20 Morton individuals, 14 know of someone who has contracted the virus. Here’s what some students had to say when asked their opinions on possible alternatives on how we could further reduce the spread:

 ‘’I believe that any services where customers or people occupying space are allowed to take off their masks should not be accessible anymore.  Stage 3 guidelines are where we should be at due to the uprising of cases. Overall, it doesn’t hurt to reinforce more advertisements on more social distancing, mask-wearing, handwashing, phone cleaning,  and disinfecting.   It’s not just about the guidelines; it’s about people’s actions,’’ senior Max Seay said. 

A former East student has a similar opinion as Max. 

 ‘’I think we should essentially go back into Stage 4 where everything is closed. Only mandatory services being open so less people will be in contact with each other,’’ former senior Luis Martinez said. 

 Most people agree that more needs to be done within the community. 

 ‘’I think we should all collectively stay home and only go out for necessities, it is unlikely you get infected if you do not go out,’’ senior Rafael Noa said. 

 Indeed, something more needs to be done to further reduce the spread as we can all see because cases aren’t going down not only here in Cicero, but in all of Chicago and the rest of the country.