Many students have quarantined

Lorena Cabrales, Reporter

Most students have probably quarantined because of Covid-19, survey says.

According to Wikipedia, quarantine restricts the movement of people and goods to prevent a disease from spreading.  Historically, the concept of quarantine dates all the way back to the 14th Century, according to the CDC.  In an effort to protect coastal cities from plague epidemics, ships arriving in Venice from infected ports were required to sit at anchor for 40 days before landing.  In some countries, quarantine is just one of the many measures that are governed by legislation related to the border concept of biosecurity.  Recently, quarantines have been applied throughout the world because of the coronavirus pandemic.  In a random poll of 50 students, 40 reported that they had quarantined.

“Being in quarantine I lost weight and dyed my hair.  (I guess) I did get to spend some quality time with my family. The pros are that I got to focus on myself and left some toxic people. The cons are that I got depressed; I felt lonely because I was always at my house. I did quarantine 100% with my family, “ Indiana resident Yaxi Amaya said.

Some students learned new skills in quarantine.

What I did in quarantine was just help my mom around the house. I learned how to cook and clean. Some pros are that I spent more time with my family and some cons are that we couldn’t celebrate important events. I did quarantine 100% and didn’t go outside if it was not necessary. I quarantined with my mom and dad and my siblings. My dad is the only one that works, and (unfortunately) he did not get paid,” Morton East Student Elizabeth Hilario said.

Others didn’t quarantine 100% like they should have.

“During quarantine, I focused on myself and lost weight. (But), I did not quarantine all the time; I’ve been going out to parties and to see friends,” Belvidere resident Jenny Cabrales said.

Some even took the chance and traveled far.

“I traveled out of the country a few times for a small vacation and my brother’s wedding. I quarantined with four other people, my sister, and my parents. Fortunately, they were getting paid because they worked, so money was coming into the house,” an anonymous student said.

Other students took the time to achieve their goals.

“I watched a lot of shows and movies and I (got) a new car,”  Morton East Student Jose Sanchez said.