Students question risks of going back during pandemic


Perla Carrera

He is doing remote learning because of Covid-19.

Perla Carrera, reportor

Going back to school during Covid-19  could be risky and dangerous, students say.

According to The Washington Post, currently, 70% of the school districts are not in a physical classroom with a teacher and classmates. Teachers have to engage the student during online school and for that, they need to try different things to encourage them to do good in school. Prior to this, students could also take their own pace during learning. This online school could last for months or until next year; it depends on the cases of coronavirus. In a random survey of 60 students of Morton East, 44 think that it is best to continue school from home.

“I feel like it’s a good thing but also risky for students. The pandemic is still going on and people aren’t responsible enough to take action for themselves. And distance is never 6ft people are always in big crowds and I feel like the school wouldn’t know how to deal with that,” senior Guadalupe Rubio said.

Flu season is coming and things will get worse.

“They shouldn’t go back to school. The covid cases are increasing and it’s soon to be winter which means flu season. Flu + covid = no,” junior Jacqueline Carrera said.

Practicing social distancing is important during this time.

“Students won’t follow directions and it’s still a dangerous thing to be close with a lot of people,” senior Daniel Santillan said.

Safety comes before anything.

“Honestly, I’m in between. Like I think it would be a good idea because some people can’t focus/learn while being in online. But I feel like it’s bad because Illinois is a red state. So it’s like not a good idea,” senior Yesenia Hernandez said.

It’s getting frustrating to be at home and not see many people.

“I think it would be a weird but also a happy feeling because we were just getting home sick for just being inside our houses and better yet seeing our friends,” senior Jose Nava said.