Dress down passes are now free


Jorge Salgado

Joel Gallegos reading the new out of uniform pass policy

Joel Gallegos, Nelson Cano, and Jorge Salgado

How do students feel in Morton making out of uniform passes free for those students that have A, B, and Cs?   

According to assistant principal Ms. Joanne Rzadzki, the out-of-uniform pass became free this year. You don’t have to pay for them anymore; you only need passing grades of a least a C or higher in all classes.  Previously, out-of-uniform passes sold for $1 each day; that money would generally go to the CARE club/program to help pay for incentive items — like CARE cookies.  In 2013, 23 public schools and 15 high schools require their students to wear uniforms. The U.S. Department of Education urged the adoption of school uniforms as a strategy for reducing school violence. The focus then was on potential discipline and safety benefits, including preventing gang members from wearing gang colors and insignia at school. School uniforms keep students focused on their education, not their clothes.   

“Yeah, because people don’t want to wear the uniform, and they are gonna have to get their grades up if they want to be out of uniform,” senior student Dontavis said.  

Some people might not agree with the new way the out of uniform passes work, some believe that it’s not fair for people.  

“If they give passes for free to people that have A’s, B’s and C’s, people that have D’s are gonna be angry because they won’t be able to get a pass,” senior student Daniel Martinez said.  

Most of the students agree with the new way passes are handled. They think it’s a good idea for those who are passing to get free out of uniform passes and fair for those that are not passing to not get any passes.   

“I think it’s a good idea for the ones that are passing the classes with A’s, B’s and C’s, but I think it’s a punishment for the ones who are not passing, (Maybe just give passes free) to those students who are passing all classes, (even if they pass with a D),” senior student Jonathan Zepeda said.    

Students that are passing will now be rewarded with a free pass and will not be able to buy them anymore.  

“I feel it’s better because like they actually accomplish something and I feel like they deserve it,” senior student Agustin Ramirez said.  

With the new policy, some students will not be allowed to be out of uniform. Now only the students that are passing with a C or higher can obtain a pass for the day.  

“I think that the new policy of the out of uniform pass is bad because now people who have a 1.9 or lower can’t get a free pass and those people won’t be able to buy it,” senior student Bryan Orozco said. 

Along with the new system, comes new language.  Out-of-uniform days are now referred to as Dress Down days.

“So, it’s sort of like propaganda.  If you’re dressing down in your regular clothes, then you’re dressing up when you are in uniform,” journalism teacher Mr. Kent Frankfother said.