Phones might cause brain cancer


Senior Stephanie Lobato is showing Alizai Sanchez a picture.

Jesus Diaz, Marlene Sanchez, and Nick Cardoso

The majority of students say they trust their iPhones — even if the radiation levels are higher than the FCC accepted levels.

In a survey of 103 Morton East students, 82 students (80 percent) said that they trust iPhone radiation over android. Radiation from x-rays increase the risk of cancer. However, many studies have examined that radiation from radar, microwaves, ovens, cell phones, and other sources have shown no evidence on cancer risk in humans. Recently, most analyses from different studies have not shown an increase in the brain or any nervous system that is cancer-related caused by cell phone use. According to Dr. Robert N. Hoover, brain cancer trends in the U.S. are unrelated to patterns of cell phone use. A phone does add body heat when having it on your ear or hand. However, it does not increase body temperature. However, there has been proving an increase in glioma. 

“I heard that cellphone use can develop brain tumors. But, I don’t know if that’s true. That was years ago,” science teacher Ms. Berezniak said. 

Another teacher gave us more information regarding when our health could be affected. 

“I think health problems (due to phones) will start occurring within the next 15 years,” photography teacher Mr. Balderas said. 

Right now, no one knows for sure what the medical consequences of excessive phone use are.

“Studies have been inclusive. But some claim that they cause damage,” science teacher Mr. Bonner said. 

Finally, some teachers believe that a phone can not cause brain cancer. 

“Short of a student’s phone exploding and taking off their hand, I don’t think we’re going to see students diminish their phone use because of any scare,” journalism teacher Mr. Frankfother.