Bad dates on Valentines Day

Bad dates that could happen on Valentine’s Day. 

There are so many bad dates that happen on Valentine’s Day such as blind dates. According to… these things ruin a special date; forgetting their wallet, calling the other person the wrong name, questioning his/her sexuality. Things don’t go the way they expect, he/she brags too much, or the date isn’t what they expect they would look like. Sometimes the dates turn to be awkward and uncomfortable that tends to ruin the vibe. In a random survey of ever having a bad date on valentines 17 that they have out of 83 that said no. 

“This one time I went out with this guy this past summer. So, this guy I was talking to him for a couple of months and he wanted to take me, and I was like okay, so we made plans for a Friday night around 9. So, the day came, and I get ready around 9 and he told me he was going to pick me up late. So, my best friend had to come rescue me and I waited for him at her house and he ends up picking me up almost midnight. I thought he would have had something planned but he didn’t, so we ended up going to get a few drinks and sign one he didn’t want to talk, sign two he didn’t look at me, and sign 3 he didn’t seem interested in me”, said by anonymous.   

There so many of those people who send of signs which is a major turn off there’s other who completely lose it. 

“One time I met a girl and she had a kid which I didn’t mind and so I thought since everything was going good I thought I take her on a date and so we went to have dinner and when we were leaving I turned on the radio in the car and there was a Mexican group playing and she completely lost it started yelling calling me out my name and she became a psycho while I was driving while it happen instead of ignoring it I asked her why she didn’t like it and she said because it was her ex’s favorite group so she took it out on me”, said by gym teacher Mr. Romo. 

Some who can’t control their anger is bad enough but there’s others who wish they had a better date. 

“Okay so one day I took this girl out on a date and we went to this movie to the park and when we got there it had just started pouring so we had to go somewhere else so I was like lets go to Margie’s ice cream we go there and they were closed for some reason but as we were thinking where else to go we had got splashed by a bus clothes all soaked and then later on I lost my wallet. So, then we just ended up buying snacks went to her house and watch some movies”, said by anonymous