With all the new technology, Morton East students still prefer old school paperwork


Seniors William Ramos and Adrian Gallegos are working on their assignments the way they feel most comfortable with.

Natalia Marquez, Rebecca Espinoza, and Tania Figueroa

The majority of Morton East students surveyed say they still prefer paperwork. 

In a random survey of 120 Morton East students, 89 students said they preferred paperwork and 31 students said they preferred computer work. Paperwork in school isn’t as popular as it was many years ago. Over the past couple of years, computers have become very popular in the educational field; the staff of schools is always wanting to improve and advance the students’ education. Some students like doing their work on computers; they like keeping up with technology.  But, there are other students who prefer paperwork; they are more comfortable writing their assignments than typing them. There are pros and cons to each form of schoolwork. A bad thing about using computers for assignments is the work sometimes doesn’t get sent to the right place. A bad thing about paperwork is students lose their work. A good thing about computers is that the students have access to more information and all their files are saved if they save them. Nevertheless, students would still prefer paperwork.  

“I personally prefer paperwork because it is less stressful. I’ve always thought when I have to print or send my work there are so many things that can go wrong, I just feel like I have more control over my work when it’s on paper,” sophomore Veronica Gonzalez said.  

There are always going to be disagreements with any topic, there are other students who think the laptops help them a lot with their work throughout the school day. 

“I like using the laptop because not only is it useful, but I don’t have to carry so many textbooks around, my backpack is less heavy now,” senior Evelyn Ortega said.  

Many parents think the laptop is a distraction for the students, but the students think otherwise. 

“I feel that the laptop is not a distraction for me because I am responsible enough to know I need to get my work done, it is also easier for me to do my work and I don’t have to carry a lot of textbooks,” senior Juan Avila said.  

Some students like laptops because it helps them keep their work neat. 

“I think it is better to use the laptops because my teachers can actually read what I say, my handwriting has always been so sloppy; my teachers would always complain that they couldn’t read my work,” senior Ivan Ortega said.  

Although, there are more students who will always carry notebooks, pens, pencils, and erasers. 

“I carry three notebooks, one for each major subject. I use the notebooks for English, Math, and Ap History. I always prefer the way I am more comfortable with,” junior Destiny Idera said.