Reckless fights between youth shut down North Riverside Mall

Courtesy of Travis Wood (youtube)

Daniela Gonzalez, Cesar Barajas, Brayer Martinez, Crystal Salgado, and Jorge Gomez

The scandal happened on Saturday night, December 29th at the North Riverside Park Mall.

People on social media like Facebook were promoting teenagers to bring their group of friends to Riverside Mall just to cause trouble for fun and fight other people. Eventually, two teenagers were arrested for causing a disturbance, which made the mall shut down. For all that happened that night many police officers from many police departments and were requested to help and try to calm things down around the mall and around the area. Even after the mall shutdown that Saturday night, many police officers kept a strong presence at the Cermak Plaza for more than two hours after the mall shut down.   

“I’ve worked in that mall for 12 years, and I hated that mall; they should just take down the mall and rebuild it,” said security Lilian.  

In 2013, the North Riverside Park Mall instituted a juvenile escort policy on Friday and Saturday evenings, which prohibits entry to anyone 18 or under unless they are accompanied by an adult 21 or over. The policy was instituted because of similar incidents around that time. 

“I believe what (the fighters) did was really childish; they should have taken whatever they were doing somewhere else.  They ruined it for people under 18 to get in,” Senior Jessica Gomez 

Several businesses in the North Riverside Plaza and Cermak Plaza in Berwyn either shut their doors early or began restricting entry after juveniles leaving the mall started making their way east. 

“I was one of the teenagers that were in the group, and it was fun until the cops kicked us out; I was really bummed about it,” Freshman James Gonzalez said. 

Do you still feel comfortable shopping at North Riverside Mall?