Factory Farming Awareness Coalition presents at Morton East

Yoselin Avalos and Melissa Salgado

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Factory farming is like a concentration camp for animals —  thousands of animals are killed in one spot.

9 billion animals are killed for meat and eggs every year.  99 percent of those animals are raised on factory farms.   Male chickens are killed and discarded as meat, females live because they are “more useful for laying eggs.”
Yoselin Jaime-Avalos

The natural life of a cow is eight to ten years, yet many cattle are slaughtered at only six weeks of age for meat.

‘’Ads cover all of these industries, so they won’t lose reputation,” a Morton sophomore student said.

Cows have to be pregnant to produce milk, so they are impregnated.  Then, after a mother cow has its calf the factory farmers remove the calf from its mother and milk the cow.  This cycle is repeated as long as the cow is fertile.

‘’We destroy animal lives by doing these such things, and we don’t even think about how we make them suffer,’’ a sophomore student said.

Factory farm workers can have post dramatic stress (PTSD) by seeing the animals suffer or killed. A lot of these workers lose their jobs because they get hurt, and a lot of these workers are immigrants.

“People don’t do anything about this problem because we need workers; some people don’t want to work jobs like this,’’ a Morton East teacher said.