Illinois becomes a sanctuary state

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Is Illinois a sanctuary for immigrants?  

Immigration can be a sensitive topic for most which is a common thing here in Cicero seeing as most of the population here consists of Hispanic/Latino families. Millions of people risk getting kidnapped, raped (girl’s majority), assaulted, etc.just to come to the U.S and have a better future. About 1,000,000 enter the U.S per year. Also, approximately 150,000 Chicago area residents don’t have status as legal permanent residents. Since last updated on May 30, 2018, there are only 6 states that are sanctuaries. Ina random survey of 120 Morton East students 93 said that they believe Illinois is a sanctuary state and 27 believe it isn’t. 

“Illinois was only claimed as a safe zone because Rauner knew he was going to get voted off” said by an anonymous student at Morton east  

It makes sense as to why most students and people wouldn’t believe that it is a sanctuary state since people who are running to be governor just say whatever to get as many votes to win the election. But, regardless of that, it’s still handy to know which areas of Illinois are safe zones and if school are as well for students who are immigrants. 

“We will never allow anyone into this building, from ICE to taking any student out of here or anything of that nature. So, I think you can call this a sanctuary school,” said assistant principal Mr. Randall Borgardt. 

Students can always turn to their resources at school if they have any questions or concerns regarding this topic. Maybe they won’t have all the answers, but they can lead you in the right direction to get the answers you want and can be relied on. 

“A really good source that I would recommend to students and parents if they want more professional help regarding this topic would be a website called ‘Latino Policy Forum’,” said assistant principal Ms. Carol Best.  

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