Do you like the food choices at Morton? About half of students do


Student receives his whole wheat crust pizza for lunch.

Paola Gonzalez, Angel Gonzalez, Bryan Benitez, and Lia Figueroa

About half of Morton East students don’t agree with the food choices that the school is providing to them.  

In a survey of 100 Morton East students, 55 students do not prefer the healthy food choices available in the cafeteria over the unhealthy choices.  In 2010, Michelle Obama created a public health campaign to solve the challenge of childhood obesity. Public schools made the change to provide healthier foods for students. Since the UDSA announced their new nutrition standards, various schools in the United States have changed their lunch program in order to meet their requirements. Such programs help students maintain a balanced diet that allows them to stay healthy, decreasing the possibility of diabetes and obesity.

“With the baked chips, I feel like the switch [from regular to baked] is idle because baked chips are just as unhealthy as normal fired chips,” senior Chabeli Duran said.  

Although some students do not fully agree with the healthy food choices provided, others see it’s value and positive impacts it can have on the long run.  

“Students are believing that eating unhealthy and harmful foods won’t do anything in the long run compared to healthier options, and they and they are oblivious to the fact that later on in life their metabolism will slow down and eating unhealthy will [negatively] impact their bodies,” senior Alonso Rojas said. 

Students as well as lunch providers see the value in offering students healthier lunches.  

“I think students should have a choice on what to eat. I think healthier food options should be given in high school because students can bring unhealthy outside food if they want. So I think giving healthier food options is a good idea,” lunch lady Mrs.Sue Billy said. 

Much work and effort is put into assuring that students are given a variety of meals that are both healthy and enjoyable. 

“We try to provide a lot of good veggie sides and we try to create and improve our sides. The program is always evolving by adding new items and different foods. We change the menu due to how students react to it,” director of food service Mrs.Michalek said.