Death of Stan Lee hits comic fans hard

Anthony Figueroa

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Creator of many Marvel comic book superheroes — Stan Lee  — has died.

Stan Lee was one of the most recognizable people for creating the most popular superheroes of today with numerous amounts of cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, most recognizable in the movies but he occasionally does appear in other TV shows or movies related to Disney. Stan recently passed away from complications of pneumonia November 12, 2018. He still has a few cameos left from upcoming movies in the Marvel Universe. 

 “When I hear Stan Lee I feel bad for those people that watched all his cameos and where big Marvel fans…” said Jacqueline Robles 

 Some fans were distraught when they heard the news. Fans who knew who he was were saddened that he wouldn’t be able to see upcoming Marvel movies 

 “When I saw the news on my social media I immediately felt sad because he was looking forward to Captain Marvel but now he’s not going to,” said a Huge Marvel fan. 

 People are suggesting that they still include Stan in the films to come so the cameos can still be present. 

 “I like how people are saying to include Stan’s name in the films in a secret way but still has a significant meaning to the fans and to Stan,” said Leonardo Aries

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