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MEHS history teachers select scariest events in history

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Morton East history teachers recently determined what the scariest event in history were. 

With Halloween around the corner, people try to get into the Halloween spirit by buying scary decorations, watching scary movies, but most importantly, reading the scary stories that come with this holiday. When everyone thinks of scary stories, they think of make-believe stories such as Friday the 13th, Michael Myers, and Nightmare on Elm Street. However, the true horror stories are those that have occurred in the past and continue to occur. Just this week, pipe bombs were anonymously sent to 6 well known Democrat supporters including the Obamas, and the Clintons. Authorities don’t know who sent these packages or how many more are still planned to be sent. Morton East history teachers were asked to explain what they believed was the scariest event to have taken place in history.  

The Black Plague was a catastrophic global epidemic that struck Europe in the mid 1300s. Victims of this plague experienced black boils throughout their body that oozed blood and pus; and very quickly die.  

“[The scariest event in history was] The Black Plague because it didn’t matter who you were, or how much money you had. Anybody could get the disease and die in 24 hours,” U.S history teacher Mr.Thevalakara said.  

There is no doubt that such an unexpected disease that would cause sudden death is quite frightening, however some teachers view lack of government protection in events such as the trail of tears and the most alarming event to take place in history.   

“[The scariest event in history was] The trail of tears because no one stood up for [the Cherokee people] and they continued to suffer because of that. The Supreme Court had said to leave them alone, but the president didn’t. It shows problems in the government,” U.S history teacher Ms.Avila said. 

Ultimately, seeing injustices be done to a group of people, and no one taking a stand to help their cause like it occurred during the holocaust is what other teachers view as the most frightening occurrence in history.  

“[The scariest event in history was] The holocaust. Just taking people because of their race and diversity, and no one taking a stand to stop it,” history teacher Mr.Piva said.

Courtesy of NightWatch – WordPress.com
Colossal massacres just like this one was a devastating common occurrence during the Holocaust.

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17 Responses to “MEHS history teachers select scariest events in history”

  1. Galilea mendoza on October 31st, 2018 10:42 am

    I agree with all of these actually being ” scary “, just that I have a stronger feeling that the holocaust had more of an impact. It’s probably because I personally find it interesting learning about this subject but it also makes me feel upset. The way how these people, especially kids, were treated and what they did to them without anyone trying to stop it.

  2. Angel on October 31st, 2018 12:11 pm


  3. Karina gonzalez on October 31st, 2018 12:20 pm

    I think it’s very hard to come to a consensus about THE scariest moment in history. I feel like every ethnic group has their scariest moment. Some of the events the history teachers at Morton highlighted an event that targeted a specific group of people. One can argue that out history is full of scary moments as well as moments of resilience

  4. Jovanna Quiroz on October 31st, 2018 12:24 pm

    I would personally think that the holocaust is one of the scariest events in history for the simple fact that’s it’s something that in a way, we’re “experiencing” right now. The holocaust abolished a group of people based on their race and the outcome of what was done to those people is horrifying and upsetting. But if we look now, (with all respect) our current president is slowly rising that event back up or at least making it seem like it trying to get rid of all those who are immigrants. Maybe the historic events don’t seem as bad to us but if we apply them right now to the things going on, they then do seem scary.

  5. Karen Lopez on October 31st, 2018 12:26 pm

    Although I agree with all of these, I do think the Holocaust was the scariest event in history. It’s incredibly sad that millions of innocent people were killed and tortured just because of their beliefs.

  6. Hector 4 on October 31st, 2018 12:36 pm

    I agree with the Holocaust being the scariest even in history because it’s such a horrible thought that humans can do to each other. It’s also scary that it can happen again in at any time.

  7. Sam Colon on October 31st, 2018 12:49 pm

    I liked the whole idea of the article of finding the scariest point in history it was a very interesting read. I would say keeping in mind the time or the amount of teachers but i would have liked to see more teachers opinion it was a good article but i feel it was too short. I want to know more about the scariest point in history.

    Dear Editor I would like to see more stories about the different events in history and the interesting periods that still effect us today. Also Angel Gonzalez tell him I said Hello and good job.

  8. Diana Solis on October 31st, 2018 4:55 pm

    All of these events are very devastating events that can be very scary. Like Mr T, I can agree that the Black Death is possibly one of the most scariest things ever. Europeans would just have to wait for the disease to struck their city and there was nothing that they could do about t. That is scary because even when it arrives, they are still scared because they can catch the disease in a matter of seconds and just die. It is honestly too scary to even imagine. The effects of it as well is scary. You would suffer with boils on your armpits, back, everything. Your last moments on Earth were in pain. That is just scary.

  9. Aaron Delgado on October 31st, 2018 5:55 pm

    I think these are all scary events because although you think that this will never happen because of how we progressed, these events were a reality to certain people, like the European Jewish population which had to suffer painful deaths and were treated like “numbers” rather than people, a real horror. To me there’s an event not on here which is a truly scary event, the Cold War. With the United States and the Soviet Union on both ends of the world with the most powerful bombs in the world which could abliterate the surface of the earth and end humanity, not only a certain group of people lived in fear, They all did. Many children where taught that these officials like the president of the US and the USSR has the power to end the world with the push of a button and the people at the time had to live with that.

  10. Angelica Salgado on October 31st, 2018 9:10 pm

    It is true indeed that the scariest things are the events that happen in our history for example 9/11 would be one of the scariest events for me since it is horrifying to think that just because our country is at war with others, there is no regard for human life and decide to kill many people just to keep arguing.

  11. Angelica Salgado on October 31st, 2018 9:11 pm

    This is a great article. It is true indeed that the scariest things are the events that happen in our history for example 9/11 would be one of the scariest events for me since it is horrifying to think that just because our country is at war with others, there is no regard for human life and decide to kill many people just to keep arguing.

  12. Dayanna on October 31st, 2018 10:07 pm

    I personally believe the holocaust was the scariest event in history because many innocent lives were taken away in the worst way due to there race and beliefs.

  13. jacquelin ornelas on November 1st, 2018 2:17 pm

    i personally think that the scariest event in history was the holocaust because people were killed for having their own personal beliefs. its even more shocking to know that people in other countries were set to believe that the camps were made for positive and helpful reasons. not only were older people killed, but kids that didnt even understand were being killed as well.

  14. Lydia Duarte on November 2nd, 2018 11:39 am

    I agree on the events that were mentioned in this article, I also agree that the holocaust was one of the most “scariest”event in history. But I feel like there were more events that were more intense and cruel to a point that were considered most scariest. overall this article was educational and great to read, well done.

  15. Itzel on November 7th, 2018 9:51 am

    The events mentioned were definitely scary. But I don’t think the scariest event can be narrowed down to one thing. So many things have happened in history that they should all be thought of.

  16. Vanessa on November 8th, 2018 7:48 am

    I really enjoyed reading this article it was very interesting. I think it is very sad that there are many events that are very catastrophic and scarry. I agree with the teacher that the trail of tears and the black plague are very scary events in our history but I also believe that 9/11 was one of the scariest events in history because it was a typical day of work for many people who ended up losing their lives.

  17. Henesey Rodriguez on November 9th, 2018 12:47 pm

    I do think that all of these can be considered scary. Nobody wanted to die because of the Black plague.
    Death is a scary thing and not many think about it.

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MEHS history teachers select scariest events in history